Speed Motors

Speed Motors 3.0

Top-down car driving game with various obstacles and bonuses

Choose one of the four available cars and start driving as fast as you can on a four lanes roads. Stay way from obstacles as well as the other cars and collect as many bonuses as you can, but don't hit the bunnies or your score will go down.

Speed Motors is a great free car game. During the installation process wich is quite simple, you can choose to add the freegamesway tool bar wich grants you access to more than 150 free games, custom games, gadgets, weather and more. In the main screen of the game you can access an options section where you can configure the view as full screen or as a window, you can also turn on/off music and sounds. At the beginning of the game you can choose between 4 different cars wich you will control using the arrows on your keyboard. The objective of the game is to reach the goal travellng through the road without crashing with different obstacles that will appear; you also will have to collect bonus points, lifes and some suplements for your car that will help you speeding up or to be able to shoot at the obstacles. Be careful not to hit some bunnies that will appear, because if you do, you loose the points you´ve collected. The time is also an important factor since it will give you extra bonus.

Augusto Rivera
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  • The game runs real smooth so your pc performance wont be affected


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